Tuesday, June 20, 2006

can ya'll feel that b-a-s-s bass I'm back.
This entire week, I've been admittedly lame. Any attempts to get me out of the house have utterly failed, unless for trips to Blockbuster or the Vietnamese place 1 block over and 2 blocks down.
Frodo got back in town today. At 11, my phone rang. "I'm at Chicago-O'Hare," he said, "I'll be back in a few hours. When are we drinking?"
Frodo is my enabler, clearly.
At 3:30, Florida and I busted out the handle of rum. I'm about to finish a hurricane glass of pina colada. Tasty, tasty.
That Camo in my fridge? Gone by tomorrow, guaranteed.
In a little while, we're headed out for Mexican. Well, Florida and The Czech's girlfriend are planning on eating. Frodo and I will be drinking our dinners at the bar. Tuaca-ritas and rasberry margaritas with sugar-rimmed glasses... oh so sweet.
It's Saturday in the Lonestar household, baby!